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Designed with first impressions in mind, let’s make sure you’re looking your best at all times.

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Comes with everything you need to ensure it works well and it looks good. 

Dedicated Email Address

Use your email address to help you stay organized by keeping your bookings and agreements in one place.

Online Payments

Facilitate online payments online and have it transferred to your bank account. This creates a paper trail, alleviates bank lines, saves time and allows you to do more business.

Search Engine Optimization

This is what helps you to show up in web searches more often. That means more opportunities to get booked.


We’re working with other businesses to allow our members to receive discounts on various goods and services. It pays to be GIFTTED.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?
Welcome to the onboarding process.
This is the first step to getting your website or webpage up and running.

We’ll need some information and media from you to start. 

Think about what you’d like to achieve with your website or webpage and we can do the rest. 

Schedule a consultation so we can determine what works best for you.

How are the Artist Pages free?

Glad you asked! We work with companies to provide relevant ad space for them, placed strategically on the pages. 

From $200? What can change that fee?

200 dollars a month does sound crazy. It covers a portfolio site with no e-commerce. We don’t mince on the design goodies. The only things that increase the price are excessive change requests (and we’re really patient) and building e-commerce eco-systems. 

How often Can I make revisions to my page?

You can make three revisions per month for free. Additional changes will incur a small fee. 

Can I make changes myself?

No, but you’d be surprised to see how willing we are to listen and accommodate your ideas. 

I already have my website. Can I be linked to this network?

Absolutely, and for free! Message us to find out how we can serve you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. If you don’t like the service, we will disable your page at the end of the current billing cycle, leaving it offline for a period of three months  (just in case you reconsider). 

How will I get paid?

 You can receive your payment by whatever means you are comfortable with. We also can build an ecommerce model for you. 

How is my data secured?

The website is secured by SSL, the servers, our computers and all the devices we use are all secured.